27 octubre 2010

Learn about Murcia. Love Murcia.

Well, at last one post for my english speaking audience. I'm going to show you the place I live in, and some of you will probably wish they lived.

Murcia is the province in southeast extreme of Spain. It is surrounded by Valencia (it may ring a bell if you like F1 races) and Andalucía (Sevilla, bullfighting, tapas... you know the deal).

The estimated population runs about one million and a half inhabitants, in which illegal immigration is not accounted (big part of the real population). But in summer, population doubles or even triples because of tourism. Beach, sun and entertainment are Murcia's biggest attractions. It's one of the places with more sunny days per year in Spain, and most beaches are well conditioned and accesible. Prices are moderate (one of the cheapest places in Spain and in Europe), and you can have a nice summer for a few bucks.

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You can reach Murcia by plane (San Javier airport, code MJV), road or boat (Cartagena seaport). There is also a Facebook group of Murcia people which will gladly answer your questions. Learn more about Murcia at Wikipedia, and then come and visit us!.

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rancour dijo...

thank u for sharing, i stayed in spain with a family that took me in for a month years ago in madrid. you have a beautiful country and even more beautiful people, i hope to someday visit again

Giant Robot Hitler dijo...

Nice, I've always wanted to go to Spain

Peterson dijo...

I've always wondered what Spain would be like.

http://starwars-stuff.blogspot.com dijo...

Very cool Never been to spain but would love to visit sometime

Zalecodone dijo...

That sounds pretty nice ;)

CupidStunts dijo...

That sounds nice, want to go to Valencia for F1 if I do I'll have a look round Murcia

Das Auto! dijo...

i love spain, i went there with my family a couple of years ago

your women are gorgeous!!!!